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Online seminar with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Editor:张乃千  Updated:2022-12-07  Views:10

On the evening of November 16, 23 and 30, 2022, Wang Zhongjie, Deputy Director of Faculty of Computing, Zhang Weinan, Assistant of the Dean of the Computer School, relevant teachers of both Faculty of Computing and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology respectively held three seminars online. They discussed the application of cooperation projects with Russian for the National Key Research and Development Plan Intergovernmental International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2023.


Under the organization and promotion of the leaders of both sides, it is successively discussed the feasibility of the projects application by the two sides during three seminars. According to the contents of key research fields and the scientific research directions of the teachers of both sides, a number of cooperation project topics were preliminarily drafted, the preliminary matchmaking of project participants of both sides was carried out, and the two-way communication and interaction between project participants of both sides were completed after the meeting, three project cooperation groups that can cooperate are determined. The final cooperation application project will be determined according to the progress of the three cooperation groups.


At the same time, in the three seminars, Dr. Wenhai of the HUAWEI Academy of Russian Studies and Dr. Xu Chao of Huawei Heilongjiang Company actively promoted the school enterprise interaction and international cooperation of Faculty of Computing, which played a coordinating role in the cooperation between China and Russia.