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The Program on Computer Science and Technology was founded in 1956.To meet the national defense, aerospace and society major needs, it aims to train outstanding talents with computational thinking, systematic thinking and innovative thinking, who can comprehensively use computer, mathematics and engineering knowledge, design and implement basic hardware and software systems and solve complex engineering problems of computing systems, and lead the future development of computer and related fields. The program enrolls 190-200 students every year.

The Program on Software Engineering was founded in 2000, and is devoted to training the software industrial students with internationally competitive and being able to adapt to technological advances and changes of social requirements. According to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) and the education goal of HIT, international and industrial cultivation systems were established. The quality of the students trained is highly appraised by domestic and international software companies. This program recruits 50-70 students every year. 

The Program on Information Security was founded in 2002, and is one of the earliest information security majors in China. The capabilities of research and talents cultivation in this major are strong in fields of network and information security, information content security, information hiding, etc. Talents with information security knowledge, practical and innovative abilities are trained to meet the security demand of information system and infrastructure in important sectors of China. This program recruits 40-50 students every year. 

The Program on Bioinformatics was founded in 2002, which is the first bioinformatics major in the world. It devotes to training top-level interdisciplinary talents. Most of the faculties in this major have overseas research experiences in first-class universities, and they carried out a number of Chinese key research and development projects in bioinformatics field, such as China 100K Genomes Project. The major has strong connections and cooperation to many top universities for education, such as Harvard University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, etc. The education quality is acknowledged by first-class research institutions. This program recruit 20-30 students every year. 

The Program on Internet of Things Engineering, established in 2011, is one of the earliest Program on Internet of Things Engineering in China. Towards the future world of Internet of Everything, ubiquitous intelligence and the urgent demand for talents in national strategic emerging industries, the program cultivates the ability of analysis, modeling, design, development, verification and evaluation of complex, critical and intelligent Internet of Things system and Cyber Physics system, and innovative talents with high competitiveness. This program recruits 30-40 students every year.

 The Program on Data Science and Big Data Technology was founded in 2018. The capabilities of research and talents cultivation in this major are strong in fields of big data computing theory, general big data computing techniques, big data computing systems as well as applied data science. Data scientists and big data computing system architects, who could lead the social development, are trained to meet the requirements of the subject and national economy. This program recruits 30-60 students every year.

The Program on artificial intelligence was founded in 2018, focusing on the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, audio-visual recognition and brain- like intelligence. It arms to train  innovative and practical AI talents. Graduates will have sustainable ability in scientific research, system development and professional teaching. This program recruits 50-60 students every year.

The Program on Service Science and Engineering, established in 2019, is the first new engineering specialty of Service Science and Engineering approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. This major integrates Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Management Science, Economics and other disciplines. This major aims to cultivate modern service industry talents with international vision, cross-border integration ability and sustainable competitiveness who can adapt to the future changes of science and technology and industry and the needs of industrial frontier practice under the background of new technology, new business form, new model and interdisciplinary integration. This program recruits 30-60 students every year.