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School of Computer Science and Technology

The Computer Specialty in Harbin Institute of Technology was founded in 1956, which is one of the earliest computer disciplines in China. In 1985, it developed into the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In 2000, the School of Computer Science and Technology was founded. Currently, the School of Computer Science and Technology has one national first class key discipline of Computer Science and Technology, and was selected as the double first-class computer discipline construction group. It ranked A in the fourth round of subject evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2016. The School has one National Teaching Team, one Science and Technology Innovation Team of MOE and one Innovation Research Team of COSTIND. Research platforms include a National Technology Demonstration Center, two Ministry of Education key laboratories, a Ministry of Industry and Information Technology key laboratory.

Hundreds of research projects funded by the state or ministries have been accomplished in the school; fruitful achievements have been gained and awarded by the state, ministries and provinces. More than 100 patents and software copyrights have been achieved by the school. After years of efforts and development, the school has formed more than twenty research fields in the discipline of computer application technology and computer architecture, such as intelligent human-computer interface, natural language understanding and Chinese information processing, mass data processing, computer network and information security, high reliable and fault-tolerant computation, intelligent computing for enterprises and service computing, bio-metrics and bio-computing, intelligent robots, sensor network and mobile computing wearable computing and so on.

School of Software

School of Software of Harbin Institute of Technology was founded in 2000. It is selected as one of the earliest National Pilot Schools of Software and one of the earliest distinctive Pilot Schools of Software in China; With the education philosophy industrialization, internationalization, high quality and high speed, towards the cutting-edge of software technology and the development of software industry, we cultivate high-end innovative talents and compound leading talents of software engineering specialty with industrialization characteristics and international competitiveness. School of Software has the earliest doctoral programs in software engineering, the earliest national first-class major in software engineering, and the first service science and engineering major in China. It was ranked top three in the first batch of national pilot software school. The software engineering discipline of HIT was ranked 7th in the third China Discipline Ranking by the Ministry of Education in 2012, and ranked ‘A-‘ class in the fourth China Discipline Ranking in 2017. It has been selected into the double first-class computer discipline construction group. The software engineering major was selected into the training program of excellent engineers of Ministry of Education and passed the professional certification of Engineering Education in 2017.

Regarding moral education and cultivating people as its fundamental task, the school adheres to the philosophy industrialization and internationalization, design an advanced software engineering talent education mode and system, and carry out characteristic teaching activities such as project-based learning, entrepreneur forum, innovation and entrepreneurship practice, industrial training practice, industry university cooperation and collaborative education, and online and offline hybrid teaching. It cooperates with hundreds of software and IT enterprises, and has established a series of student practice bases. It has jointly cultivated students with more than 10 universities in Ireland, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan and other countries. Graduates are highly recognized by employers and enterprises for their high quality and strong ability. The teaching achievement Innovation and Practice of '1 + M + N' Collaborative Teaching Mode of Cross Regional and Cross School Online Open Course led by Prof. Xu Xiaofei, Zhan Dechen, Su Xiaohong, has won the first level award of national teaching achievement. In research fields including software service engineering and service computing, industrial application software, intelligent software engineering, embedded software, domain software engineering, etc., the teachers have carried out a large number of high-level research and development, and obtained funding from national key R & D program, key project of national natural science foundation of China, etc. The scientific research achievements have been widely used in hundreds of enterprises, realized industrialization with remarkable benefits, and won the first level prize of provincial scientific and technological progress award.

School of Cyberspace Science

Under the leadership of academician Fang Binxing, Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT) established the research direction of network and information security in 1999, established the undergraduate major of information security in 2002, established the doctoral program of information security independently in 2005, established the first batch of national doctoral programs of Cyberspace Science and TechnologyCyST) in 2016, and was selected as the double first-class computer discipline construction group. In June, 2019, the School of Cyberspace Science was established.

The school concentrates superior teachers from disciplines of computer, communication, electronics, electrical, management, law and other disciplines in three districts of HIT, and builds a network security talent training and scientific research base, focusing on training high-level professionals in information content security, network infrastructure security, integrated security in space, air and earth, and international governance of cyberspace.

At present, the school has 68 full-time and part-time teachers, including 24 professors and 15 associate professors. There is 1 shared academician of the Engineering Academy, 1 national military 863 expert, 2 new century talents, and 1 national defense technology innovation team.  The school undertakes more than 100 national major engineering and scientific research projects, with scientific research funding exceeding 50 million RMB per year, cumulatively won 5 first- and second-class national scientific and technological progress awards, more than 20 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards, and has obtained a batch of original scientific research results. It has established scientific research bases such as the National Key Laboratory of Computer Information Content Security, the National Engineering Laboratory for Information Content Security Technology, the International Governance Research Base for Cyberspace, and the Key Laboratory of Cybersecurity Big Data Analysis of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Till 2021, the school has cultivated 1,353 undergraduates in CyST, 486 masters in network security, and 154 doctors with a number of outstanding graduate representatives emerged: Meng Dan, director of the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jing Xiaojun, president of Shenzhen Renzi Bank, Yun Xiaochun, deputy director of the National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Center, Du Yuejin, vice president of 360 security,  Qianxin Vice Presidents Liu Yong and Liu Hao, etc.

School of Computer Science and Technology at Shenzhen Campus

The major of Computer Science and Technology of HIT Shenzhen is founded in 2001. It then developed to the School of Computer Science and Technology in 2004. There are 57 full-time faculties in the school, with 88% of whom have overseas educational experiences. Among the faculties2 people are awarded the title of national high-level talents, 5 people are awarded the title of national young talents, more than 10 people are employed as special-term professors. In particular, there are 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences of China and 1 academician of China Engineering Academy.

In the school, there are 8 research centers, 7 municipal scientific research platforms, and 11 University-Enterprise joint laboratories or Shenzhen-Hong Kong joint laboratories. In the past five years, the school received fundings of more than 200 research projects from the governments, including fundings from Science and Technology Entry Programs, the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), the National Science Foundation of China, the Science and Technology project of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen city, etc. The school also received more than 100 research project fundings from industries. The faculties hold more than 100 national invention patents and software copyrights. Their research achievements won more than ten awards such as the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first and second prizes at provincial and ministerial level, the prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award, etc.

The School of Computer Science and Technology started to enroll graduate students and undergraduates students since 2011 and 2016 respectively. The employment rate of students keeps in a high level. Most of the graduates are employed in enterprises and institutions such as Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Many of the graduates have become the executives of technology and management in the past years.

School of Computer Science and Technology & School of Software at Weihai Campus

Founded in 1989, the Computer Specialty of HIT Weihai became the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2002, which then developed into the School of Computer Science and Technology in 2004. The School of Software was also founded in 2004.

Currently, SCST & SS offers 5 undergraduate programs within 2 major categories, i.e. Computer Science and Software Engineering. The former consists of programs: Computer Science and Technology, Information SecurityCyberspace Security, and Artificial Intelligence; while the latter includes 2, namely Software Engineering and Service Science and Engineering.

SCST & SS incorporates 5 provincial research centers and key labs. Our research fields mainly include: intelligent computing for enterprises & services, cyberspace security, AI, big data, and Internet of things. In recent years, the School has undertaken more than 30 national key research programs / provincial special scientific programs. 8 awards, at either provincial or ministerial level, were collected due to our excellent research job. Among the achievements, the Cloud-based Smart Elderly Care Service & Big Data Platform, as well as the Unified Management Platform for Industrial Cybersecurity, have been put to practice in their respective sectors.

 SCST & SS has been promoting education through international exchange and collaboration, and has established cooperative relationships with more than 80 institutes of higher education from over 20 countries. With respect to liberal education, we adopt the “School + Academy” mechanism to improve our students’ quality in terms of culture & humanities. Meanwhile, the School has always been proactively seeking innovation. Examples include the Project-driven Methodology in Practice-related Education, and the Reform in Education Based on Information Technology. We have undertaken several ministerial- / provincial-level educational research projects, and have collected one 1st-prize award (national), one outstanding winner award (provincial), as well as one 1st prize award (provincial) of educational achievement.

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