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Faculty of Computing One Hundred International Scholars Seminar Report by Professor Edwin Wang from the University of Calgary, Canada
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On October 20, 2022, the seminar series of 100 international scholars from Faculty of Computing was held online. At the invitation of Professor Li Jie from Faculty of Computing, Professor Edwin Wang from the University of Calgary, Canada, presented an academic report with the theme of Artistic Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine.


Professor Edwin Wang is currently a chair professor and tenured professor of the University of Calgary, Canada. He was a senior researcher of the National Academy of Sciences of Canada and a professor of McGill University. He is one of the thirty academic leaders in the field of cancer system biology (think tank) of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). Served as the deputy editor or editorial board member of several top journals in the field of biological information, such as PLoS Computational Biology. He has published more than 90 highly influential journal research papers and edited the first monograph in the field of cancer system biology (2010).


In this academic report, Professor Edwin Wang introduced the application and value of artificial intelligence in biomedical field in detail from the basic concept of artificial intelligence, combined with the development status and latest research achievements of precision medicine at home and abroad. Professor Edwin Wang focused on sharing a series of work carried out by his team in the direction of cancer treatment in recent years, and introduced how to use artificial intelligence algorithms to build a prediction model based on genome data to predict cancer risk, tumor recurrence, prognosis and matching drugs of cancer patients. In the final Q&A session, Professor Edwin Wang patiently answered questions about drug design, data acquisition, model design, etc. for teachers and students.