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Research Center of Language Technology
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Research Center of Language Technology consists of four research laboratories: Machine Intelligence and Translation (MI&T) Lab, Intelligent Technology and Natural Language Processing (ITNLP) Lab, Web Intelligence (WI) Lab and Social Network Lab. The center currently has 13 teachers, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors and 2 lecturers. Main research fields include machine translation, Chinese input method and Chinese analysis, personalized information retrieval, social network analysis, sentiment analysis, question answering, knowledge graph, bioinformatics and health informatics, industry-oriented NLP. In recent 5 years, the center is granted for more than 10 national projects, including 8 (key) projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and 2 National Key R&D Program of China. During last five years, they have published more than 50 papers at top conferences and journals, 4 books.