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    The Computer Specialty in Harbin Institute of Technology was founded in 1956, which is one of the earliest computer disciplines in China. In 1985, it developed into the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The Research Institute of Computer Science and Technology was also founded in the same year. In 2000, the School of Computer Science and Technology was founded. And in the same year, the School  of Software was also founded, which developed into the National Pilot School of Software approved by the State Ministry of Education and the State Planning and Development Committee. Currently, the School  of Computer Science and Technology has one national first class key discipline of Computer Science and Technology, one post-doctoral station. It has 6 doctoral degree programs and 6 master's degree programs, among which the Doctoral Degree Program on Computer Application Technology established in 1986 is the first batch of national key discipline, the Doctoral Degree Program on Computer Architecture founded in 1981 as the first batch of Chinese doctoral degree program is also the national key discipline, the Doctoral Degree Program on Computer Software and Theory was founded in 1998, the Doctoral Degree Program on Artificial Intelligence and Information Processing was set up in 2003, the Doctoral Degree Program on Information Security was established in 2004, and the Doctoral Degree Program on Digital Media and Art was established in 2006. The school consists of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Department of Computer Fundamental, the R&D Center of New Computer Technology. Besides, the HIT(Weihai) School of Computer Science and Technology, the Computer Division in HIT(Shenzhen) GraduateSchool have been developed with this school.

     There are 208 staffs in the school, including 149 full-time faculty members, one member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one National “1000-Scholar Project” scholar. There are 33 doctoral supervisors, 8 part-time doctoral supervisors, 40 professors and 61 associate professors. The average age of the faculty members is 41. Currently, there are 1,682 enrolled students in the school, including 1,004 undergraduates, 370 master's degree candidates, 308 doctoral degree candidates (16 foreign students) and 26 post-doctoral researchers.

     The School of Computer Science and Technology at HIT creates a leading “Pyramid” innovation education system, in which Research, Individuation and Elitist” is emphasized, and the first class computer talents have been cultivated. In the past over fifty years, thousands of students, including 508 doctors have been educated in the school. The school has developed very fast in recent years. Hundreds of research projects funded by the state or ministries have been accomplished in the school; fruitful achievements have been gained and awarded by the state, ministries and provinces. More than 3,000 papers have been published since recent years. And more than 100 patents and software copyrights have been achieved by the school. After years of efforts and development, the school has formed more than twenty research fields of computer science and technology, such as intelligent human-computer interface, natural language understanding and Chinese information processing, mass data processing, computer network and information security, high reliable and fault-tolerant computation, intelligent computing for enterprises and service computing, bio-metrics and bio-computing, intelligent robots, sensor network and mobile computing wearable computing and so on. The school has a broad international collaboration and relationships with more than 40 universities, institution in more than 10 countries and areas over America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and has gained a high reputation. The school has been ratified as a key discipline in the National “211 Project” and “985 Project”. The whole computer discipline in the school is developing fast with the national key first class discipline of computer science and technology as the lead. The school inherits and develops the “Guangxi Spirit” of the computer people in HIT, namely, “Being strict in qualification and making every endeavor in study, being factualistic and innovative, exploring and progressing constantly, being tireless in teaching and willing to be footstone of the others, pursuing the truth and being magnanimous to the others”. We are making efforts towards the goal of realizing Leadership Discipline, Leadership Achievements, Leadership Base, and Leadership Talents.