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100,000 Chinese people genome project, a precision medicine research project led by HIT, is beginning
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Recently, one of the national key research and development plan, the special precision medical research priorities 100,000 Chinese people genome project and a database system for Chinese people groups reference analysis (89.85 million yuan), led by HIT is beginning. The project will last four year, during which hundreds of natural population in China will be chosen as the research object. Works will be done in genome group, exposed group and phenotypic group. Researchers attempt to draw Chinese genome mutations mapping health maps, discover the influence of genome variation and mutation frequency to Chinese people, and provide personalized management of medical and health resources. This project is of great significance to accelerate the construction of Chinese Healthy.

Several academicians attended the meeting as the consulting experts of the project, including Dai Tao, the deputy director of science and technology development center from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Jin Li, the vice President of Fudan university, Li Peng, the vice President of the Life Science school in Tsinghua university, Zhang Xuemin, the director of the medical sciences group in the national natural science fund committee, Chen Runsheng, an academician in the institute of Chinese academy of sciences, and Gu Dongfeng, both the deputy director of the national center for cardiovascular disease and the vice president of Chinese academy of medical sciences Fuwai hospital. Han Jiecai, the vice president of HIT attended the meeting and gave a speech. More than 70 people from over 20 universities and biotechnology companies attended the kick-off meeting.

During the kick-off meeting, Prof. Wang Yadong, the project leader and chief scientist, and the president of both the school of computer science and technology and the school of biological information technology, made a general report on the project. After that, five project leaders reported the project implementation plan respectively.

Five experts from the project advisory group, namely Jin li, Chen Runsheng, Li Peng, Zhang Xuemin, Gu Dongfeng, gave the full affirmation to the project research, the project significance and the research plan. They also put forward constructive opinions and suggestions in view of the implementation of some key scientific and technical problems.

It is reported the project will be completed in three steps. The first stage is the development of forerunner and demonstration project. Researchers will begin 10000-Chinese-genome sequencing, and the corresponding data collection. They aim to draw genome and health map of 10000-Chinese. Accordingly, they will develop, verify and optimize the world's most advanced set of genomic variation analysis workflow, and set up dozens of sets of genome data collection and quality control standards. They will construct a complete technical and engineering system of massive human genome project. The second stage is a crucial one. 50000 Chinese genome sequencing and phenotypic groups will be collected. Also, data integration and analysis will be carried on and a 60000-Chinese genome and health map will be constructed. In addition, researchers will continue to optimize the technical system. In the third stage, researchers will not only complete the intended target of this project, but also continue to summarize the objective of the technical system and engineering system operation, and provide case study for our country in the future to promote similar large science projects.

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