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Zhaoxiong CHEN, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Investigated Our School and Unveiled the Research Institute of Cyberspace Security
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HIT News (by Yan ZHANG & Lanrui WEN)


In June 23rd, the Vice Minister and Party Group Member of Industry and Information Technology, Zhaoxiong CHEN and his entourage investigated our school, and unveiled the HIT Research Institute of Cyberspace Security together with Shuquan WANG, secretary of the Party Committee. President Zhou YU hosted the unveiling ceremony.

Zhaoxiong CHEN and his entourage first came to the Network and Information Security Research Center of the School of Computer Science and Technology, and listened the reports on the development of schools and the construction of the first-class disciplines. He had a deep insight on the computer discipline, including the developing history, the training model of talents, the construction of the faculty and the achievements of the scientific research. He recognized the two characteristics of the school, namely the outstanding talent training ability, and the project-driven way to promote scientific research ability and serve national strategy, and encouraged our computer discipline to summarize experience, distill discipline characteristics, continuously improve the ability of personnel training and take the initiative to undertake major national science and technology projects. In hearing the report of a series of national key projects undertaken by our school, such as the national key research and development programs, Zhaoxiong CHEN exchanged ideas with the researchers from time to time to understand the progress of the project, the prospect of the application, the construction of the team and so on, and encouraged the front-line personnel to adhere to facing the national major demands, the frontier of international science and technology, and the national economics, enhance original innovation ability, and strive for the early development of computer science of Harbin Institute of Technology as a world first-class discipline.

After hearing the report, Zhaoxiong CHEN and his entourage attended the unveiling ceremony of the Research Institute of Cyberspace Security, Harbin Institute of Technology. The establishment of the Research Institute of Cyberspace Security is an important measure taken by our school to implement the instructions on building the network powerful nation proposed by Jinping XI and national network space security strategy deeply, an important measure to carry out the suggestions on strengthening the construction of network security disciplines and personnel training proposed by six national ministries and commissions, and also an active attempt of the “world-class universities and world-class disciplines” construction. In recent years, our school has made a series of breakthroughs in the research direction of information content security, computer network security, system security and so on, and undertake a large number of national basic research and major projects in the fields of computer network security management, network emergency response, information confrontation and etc. A number of scientific research achievements have reached the international leading level. We also have trained a number of outstanding talents who play an important role in all fronts of national network security, and have made important contributions to the cause of the national network security. In view of the current and future period of the national network space security work development strategy and the great demand for the development of science and technology, the Research Institute of Cyberspace Security of Harbin Institute of Technology will combine the advantages of the domestic team to further integrate the advantages of the academic resources and human resources in the three districts of our school to bring together the outstanding talents at home and abroad, to produce major scientific research achievements with original innovation and independent intellectual property rights, to speed up the construction of the first class discipline of network space security, to strengthen the training of network security personnel, to provide scientific support for the national network space security, and to make new and greater contributions to the technological progress of the network space security industry.

In the space optical communication technology research center and the China-German space robot technology joint laboratory, Zhaoxiong CHEN listened to the reports of the team leaders, respectively, and spoke highly of the team characteristics and the outstanding achievements of the two teams on serving space and defense. He pointed out that, in the nearly a hundred year history, HIT has formed a distinctive feature of school running and a profound development background, especially in supporting the innovation of national defense science and technology and serving the major development strategy of the nation, and many important achievements have emerged such as laser communication and robot technology. He hopes that HIT can continue to give full play to its advantages, maintain its characteristics, continue to strengthen the theoretical research on the basic frontier of aerospace and defense science and technology, actively adapt to the requirements of the integration of information and industrialization, serve the innovation-driven development, space power, manufacturing power, network power and other major national development strategies to enhance the core competitiveness of the school, strive to build more excellent teams like these two teams, focus on strengthening the interdisciplinary of major scientific problems, promote interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary frontier basic research, constantly promote the original innovation results, and enhance the ability of the major development strategy of the service countries and the development and construction of the national economy.

Leaders and heads of relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Sihao XIONG, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of our school, and Jiecai HAN, Vice President of our school, took part in the investigation.