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Hao LU, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial Committee, Investigate the Artificial Intelligence Research and Industrialization of Our School
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HIT News (by Xuansanglei JI & Lanrui WEN)

       In May 13th, Hao LU, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor of the Provincial Committee, investigated the research and industrialization of artificial intelligence in our school. He emphasized that the scientific research and industrialization should be synchronized together, play the imagination on changing the life style and production mode, and find out the directions of research by practical demands. Yafeng HU, the vice governor of the Provincial Committee and Shuquan WANG, secretary of the Party Committee, took part in the investigation.

In the school of computer science, Hao LU learned the latest research achievements of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute, and watched the demonstration of research achievements developed by our school such as the multi-functional intelligent road condition detection vehicle, intelligent medical imaging diagnosis instrument, gait recognition intelligent security system, face and sight recognition intelligent home system, financial intelligence decision system, and oil gas capital intelligent remote sensing system for source exploration

         In the process of investigation, Hao LU and the scientific research personnel detailed discussed the technical development trend of artificial intelligence, the direction of industrialization, the market prospect and the promotion mechanism of industrialization. Hao LU said that we should carry out the central innovation driven development strategy and carry out the important requirement of the industrialization of high and new technology achievements put forward by general secretary Jinping XI in our province, implement the work deployment of the twelfth Party Congress and give full play to the academic accumulation advantage in the field of artificial intelligence and accelerate the scientific research and industrialization of artificial intelligence. First, we should fully understand the important strategic position of artificial intelligence in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, which will bring revolutionary changes to the mode of production and the way of life of people. Second, our province should strive to occupy the commanding point in the two aspects of the scientific research and industrialization of artificial intelligence, not only to achieve new breakthroughs in technology, but also to transform the existing research results into products and services in the market as soon as possible. Third, we should combine technology logic with market logic in the direction of scientific research. The market logic here is the imagination of the human future life style and the transformation of the mode of production. We must find out the demand to determine the direction of research and development, and to truly achieve the requirements of the general secretary of Jinping XI. The scientific and technological achievements should be combined with the needs of the country, the demands of the people, and the demand of the market, should be jump from the scientific research, experimental development and widely promotion. This can truly achieve the value of innovation and achieve innovation driven development. Fourth, we must realize industrialization by market mechanism. In accordance with the deployment of the three year action plan of thousands of technology enterprises in our province, HIT can set up a limited company of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute as soon as possible, and integrate the research and development force with the market-oriented way, aiming at the market demand. The provincial government will give support.

         Shuquan WANG expressed his gratitude to the provincial government for the concern and support of the provincial government, and hoped that the staff of our university could seize the important opportunity for the state to vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, deeply implement the important spirit of speech by Jinping XI, the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress of the province and the requirements made by the provincial governor Hao LU, take the initiative to play the role of the first source of technological innovation in Heilongjiang Province. Through the cross scientific research institutions such as the artificial intelligence industry research institute and the new word enterprises, we can organize the transformation of high and new technology achievements, promote the implementation of the deep development strategy of the integration of the military and the people, and gather a batch of outstanding talents to take root, serve and help Heilongjiang Province, which will transform the advantages of the school's discipline, talent, scientific research and foreign cooperation into the superiority of the education and industrial of Heilongjiang Province, and make a new and greater contribution to the complete construction of the well-off society in Heilongjiang and the new way to revitalize the the comprehensive development.

The principal person in charge of the relevant departments of Heilongjiang Province, Bin GUO, Vice President of our school, and responsible person of relevant units, and relevant scientific research personnel took part in the investigation.