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Huang Zhexue
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Dr. Huang Zhexue, part-time doctoral supervisor in Computer Application Technology at HIT. Associate Supervisor of the E-Business Technology Institute, University of Hong Kong, the Honorary Professor and doctoral supervisor in Mathematics Department at University of Hong Kong. Dr. Huang has engaged in basic research, technique development and industrial consultancy in business intelligence and data mining for many years, and he has a very strong capacity of theory fundamentals and abundant practice experiences. The quick clustering algorithm as k-modes, fuzzy k-modes, k-prototypes, which were his work, can be applicable in many areas, and have been applied in software products of data-mining and data analysis. The AlphaMiner data-mining open platform, which was developed by the research team directed by Dr. Huang, has been downloaded by hundreds of universities and corporations globally and is used in teaching, scientific research and industrial consultancy. Dr. Huang has published over 80 papers, of which were published in many famous international journals and were indexed for nearly 300 times. Dr. Huang Zhexue is the member of many international academic conference programme committees and the paper reviewer of many international computer journals.