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Jiang Feng
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Dr. Jiang Feng, associate professor of Computer Science and Technology in HIT, Doctoral supervisor. Visiting scholar at Princeton University and  Vice Chairman of IEEE Signal Processing Chapter. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Application Technology from the HIT in 2008. He has made a series of research results by setting core problems of computer vision and machine learning as technological goals in recent years. He has published 70 papers in the field of computer vision, video coding and machine learning at present, where 29 papers as first author and the highest citing time over 160 times. Dr. Jiang has applied and authorized 2 patents, participated in writing 2 monographs and textbooks. He is one of the few domestic researchers who published work at JMLR which is the top international journal of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He has undertaken the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province, National the National basic research program of China (973 Program), 863Hi-tech Program and over 10 international cooperation projects.