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Yang Muyun
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Dr. Yang Muyun, associate professor of School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology; Senior member of CCF (NLP Technical Committee member, and honor AC Member of Yocsef Harbin); Member of IEEE and ACL; Member of CIPSC (CL Technical Committer member, and IR Technical Committee member). His main research interests include machine translation, personalized information retrieval and natural language processing. As principal investigator, he has accomplished 1 project funded by NSF China and 1 project by National 863 program. He is also involved as a key researcher in other 9 NSF projects and 8 project by 863 program. He was awarded 3 Third Prizes of Science and Technology Progress by the ministry or provincial government. He published more than 30 paper in prestigious international conferences and journals in last three years. He has served as Area Chair/PC member(or reviewer) in recent ACL, NAACL/HL, Coling, and NLP&CC etc. (Homepage: http://mitlab.hit.edu.cn/index.php/the-team-members/39-teacher/176-ymy.html)