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Su Xiaohong
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Prof. Dr. Su Xiaohong, doctoral supervisor, member of the National Computer Committee of China, assistant director of the HIT National Experimental Teaching Center of Computer Science and Technology, director of the computational linguistics foundation department, Prestigious Teacher and Teaching Leader of HIT.  She is in charge of the National Quality Course and the National Quality Open Course “C programming language”, the Provincial Quality Course “computer graphics, national MOOC “essence of C programming language” and “programming foundation”.

Her research interests include program analysis and application, software fault localization, image processing and pattern recognition. She has finished many projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Defense Pre-Research Foundation of China, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863),as well as the international cooperative projects. She has been awarded 1 Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress Award of Heilongjiang Province, 1 Second Prize for the Natural Science of Heilongjiang Province, and 1 First Prize of Harbin Academic Achievements of Natural Science and Technology. She has published more than 100 papers and awarded 8 registrations of computer software copyrights.  In the teaching research field, she has been awarded the Second Prize for National Teaching Achievements of China, 2 First Prize for Provincial Teaching Achievements, and 4 First Prize for Teaching Achievements of HIT. She is the chief editor of 9 books, and has translated 2 foreign books. She also worked as a co-author of 2 books with foreign teachers, and reviewed 2 books.  She was awarded as the BaoGang Excellent Teacher in 2007, HeiLongjiang Advanced Individual of Teacher's Virtue in 2012, and Excellent Teacher of HeiLongjiang in 2014.