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Guan Yi
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Prof. Dr. Guan Yi, doctoral supervisor, a member of IEEE,a member of ACM, a member of China Computer Federation (CCF), a member of Chinese Association of Automation. His main research fields include health informatics and medical informatics, web mining, natural language processing and cognitive linguistics. He is the proposer of systematic similarity measurement theory which is considered one of important breakthroughs in cognitive science. He is also the inventor of WI input method which is an intelligent input method for mobile platform. WI input method has hundreds of thousands of users at present and has win the best technology innovation award nominee in 2010 China Internet Product Award. He has managed or joined, and implemented more than twenty projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, National 863 Program and international cooperation. He has published more than one hundred academic papers and one book. He has obtained six Chinese patents and two American patents.