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Information Countermeasure Technique Institute
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      The Information Countermeasure Technique Institute was founded in 2003 to perform innovative researches in the fields of information countermeasure and security, multimedia countermeasure and security, quantum secret communication and countermeasure, quantum information processing and security, weak target detection and countermeasure, etc. Now, there are 9 faculty members in the institute, including 4 professors/doctoral supervisors (3 guest professors), 2 associate professors, 3 lecturers. At present, there are more than 40 PhD. candidates and M.S. students. The main courses offered by the institute are elemental information theory, mathematics of information security, fundamental information hiding technique, fundamental quantum information processing and security, multimedia security, and applied & quantum cryptography. The institute focuses on the world leading information countermeasure and security techniques and has been supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (state key program, international cooperation program, general programs and youth programs),  Military and Civil National 863 Plan (key programs and general programs), Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China,New Century Excellent Talents in University, New Concept Weapon Program, 115 Foundation of Ministry of State Security, the Foundation for the Excellent Youth of Heilongjiang Province, Excellent Project for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, and other high-rank foundations and R&D projects. The institute has produced fruitful academic publications and patents. The institute has close collaborations with its research partners from Headquarters of the General Staff, PLA General Armament Department, Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Information Industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Electric Power Group, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Aerospace Science and Industry Group, China Academy of Engineering Physics etc. The institute has established a long term cooperation relationship with some world leading information security research institutes – Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics in Germany, London University in UK, Gjovik University College in Norway and digital audio research institute of DTS in US.

     The institute has cultivated 22 PhD students and more than 100 master students with the employment rate of 100%. After graduation, the students started their career at IT corporations (such as Google, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, ZhongXing, Moody's), Chinese National Patent Office, research institutes of Headquarters of the General Staff, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Electric Power Group, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Aerospace Science and Industry Group, China Academy of Engineering Physics, and universities (such as Michigan State University, Portland State University, Gjovik University College, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Tianjin University ) , etc.