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HIT Held 60 Years’ Establishment Anniversary Activity For Fluid Machinery Major
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HIT School News (Feng Xiaoen/writer Lan Rui/photo) The 60 Years’ Establishment Anniversary Activity of the Fluid Control and Automation Major and Fluid Machinery Major was held in Harbin on August 4th. Former National People’s Congress Vice Chairman Zhou TieNong, Vice President Guo Bin and a number of distinguished alumni, well-known professors and Russian experts attended the commemorative activity.

During the Commemorative Conference, Professor Xu YaoMing, who had been involved in the major’s establishment, recalled the 60 years’ development history of the Fluids major. In 1955, HIT proposed the idea to learn from the Soviet Union’s school management, which had promoted the establishment of the Hydraulic Machinery major -- the predecessor of the Fluids major. The construction of the Fluid Machinery major was made of three stages: First was the creation of the major. With the assistance of experts from the Soviet Union, our school cultivated a number of excellent talents, and expanded the domestic teaching team in the Fluids major. Second was the adjustment and rapid development stage. Our school experienced the strategic transition of “Private-owned to Military-owned” and “South Migration and North Restoration”, and the original Hydraulic Machinery major was divided into three parts, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and more than ten other famous universities began to participate in the construction of this kind of major. Third was the transformation, consolidation and improvement stage. The Fluids major was divided into two categories, namely, Fluid Control and Automation, and Fluid Machinery. At the same time, international exchange and cooperation were strengthened.

During the Conference, the former professors of the Fluids major talked about their enthusiasm and reflections on the major. Outstanding alumni of each year took group photos, reminisced about the past, and gave acknowledgment to their teachers. The love for the Fluids major and the love for HIT had tied people at different ages, from the 80-year-old professor to young students in their twenties, intimately together. “The honest and diligent spirit of teachers in HIT has been imprinted on my heart no matter where I go.” Li Tanqiu, who had more than 10 years’ commitment to HIT, said, “This kind of rigorous academic atmosphere should be passed on in the future.”

Three professors from Russia at the conference also expressed their blessings to HIT and to the Fluids major, and wished the Sino-Russian friendship would continue. Other guests also encouraged the teachers and students at HIT to make further progress on their predecessor’s achievements in the Fluids major, and to make greater contributions to China’s transformation from a “Big Hydraulic Machinery Nation” to a “Powerful Hydraulic Machinery Nation”.