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Vice President Ren Nanqi met with Daniel Siewiorek Director of Human-Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie Mellon University
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(Reproduced from HIT News)

On May 30th, 2011, Ren Nanqi, Vice President of   HIT, met Daniel Siewiorek (Director of Human-Computer Interaction Institute   in Carnegie Mellon University) and his wife. Wang Yadong, Director of   Computer Science Department, Professor Yang Xiaozong, Director of Zuo Decheng   Research Center, Guo Weihua, Director of Foreign Affairs Office and Fan   Hongbo, Director of International Office attended the meeting.

Carnegie Mellon University, as one of the top   universities in the field of computer science, sends a given number of   visitors to HIT every year. From May 25th 2011, both sides came up with a   Memorandum of Understanding on corporations in the field of computer science.

At the meeting, two sides both introduced their   research in IT field, and conducted discussions on some issues of common   interests, which was helpful to increase mutual understanding. Both sides   stated that they were longing for further corporations in associated   training, exchange of faculty and joint academic research.

At present, HIT has not initiated any communications   or corporations with Carnegie Mellon University. Ren Nanqi expressed that our   university would pay a visit to Carnegie Mellon University in November this   year, and we were looking forward to sending exchange students to Carnegie   Mellon University for academic communications. By that time, there would be a   brand new stage of corporations in long-range education and associated   training between two universities.