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Research Center of Multi-agent Robot
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      The Research Center of Multi-agent Robot, the original Intelligent Robot Laboratory, was founded in 1988. There are 3 teachers in the center, among whom are 1 professor, 2 doctoral supervisor and 1associate professors. 6 post-doctors (including 1 overseas student), 54 doctors (including 1 overseas student) and 75 masters have graduated from the center, 1 post doctoral candidates, 7 doctoral candidates (including 2 overseas student) and 9 master students are trained in the center. The main research fields of the laboratory is intelligent robotics based on AI. A lot of projects have been implemented such as the Microcomputer CAD System, Maze Robot, Intelligent Robot for Teaching, Rubbing Robot, Space Exploring Four Leg Robot, Super high speed algorithm of space robot's coordinate conversion, Space Robot Test-bed Platform, Simulation Platform of Free flight Space Robot, Soccer Robot and Humanoid Robot ,etc. In recent years, it has completed 22 scientific research projects, including National 863 Projects, National Defense Cooperation Projects, Natural Science Foudation of China Projects, Provincial and Ministrial Foundation and provincial and ministrial scientific research projects. It has won 8 provincial and ministerial science and technology, 1 national patent, 17 champions of Robert World Cup Football Game and 13 software copyrights. Now it is applying for 3 International patents. It has published more than 400 papers in several international journals and conferences, including over 210 articles indexed by SCI/EI and 4 published works. The center is undertaking 8 scientific research projects, with a total funding up to 3 million Yuan.