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Research Center of Intelligent Computing for Enterprises & Services (ICES)
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      Research Center of Intelligent Computing for Enterprises & Services (ICES), formerly, the Teaching & Research Division of Distributed Information Processing, was founded in 1995. It now has 13 faculty members, including 4 professors (all doctor supervisors), 4 associate professor, and 5 lecturers. This center cultivates doctor candidates and masters in computer application technology. And 22 doctors, 2 post-doctoral fellow and 120 masters have graduated from this center. 20 doctor candidates and 36 master students are studying in this center. Its main research fields include service computing and service engineering, collaborative resource management and decision support systems, supply chain management and modern logistics, software architecture and software reuse, enterprise interoperability and integration, business intelligence and data mining, etc. It offers over 10 courses such as database systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management(SCM) and e-business, service engineering computer network, etc. It has undertaken more than 50 research projects, including key projects from the National 863 Hi-Tech Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, from provinces and ministries etc. It is now undertaking more than 10 projects with a total finance of over 10 million RMB. In recent years, 6 ministry/province level prizes and 20 software copyrights have been obtained. More than 200 papers have been published in journals and conferences, among which more than 100 are indexed by SCI/EI. The Heilongjiang Province Key Laboratory on Intelligent Computing for Enterprises, HIT-IBM Joint Laboratory, and the HeilongjiangProvinceEngineeringResearchCenter on Manufacturing Informationization are supported by this center. The INTEROP-Vlab China Pole is at the center, which is one of the four founders of the European Virtual Laboratory on Enterprise Interoperability. ICES have much cooperation with the universities or companies at USA, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Italy, and Russia. Many research results of ICES, such as ERP, SCM software products have been widely used in many industrial sectors such as cement production, chemical industry, electrical power, mechanical manufacturing, etc.