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Research Center of Aero Space Software Engineering
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      The Research Center of Aero Space Software Engineering was founded in 2004. It is composed of a software engineering lab, an information fusion lab, an operating system lab. In this research center, there are 7 teachers, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 1 professor, 3 associate professor and 2 lectures. This research center aims at training PhD students and graduate students of the computer application technology as well as software engineering. In this research center, 2 post doctors have been out of station, 16 students have got doctors’ degree, and 41 students have got master’s degree up to now. Now 15 PhD students, 16 graduate students are studying at this research center. The research fields mainly include software engineering, intelligent information processing and information fusion, image processing and recognition, virtual reality, digital media and art, high performance embedded computing, on-board computing system, etc. This research center also undertakes many courses such as computer graphics, advanced software engineering, Linux operating system, computer architecture, Java programming, and developing technology of J2ME mobile termination. More than 30 research projects, such as the projects supported by the National High Technology Research and National Hi-tech 863 Projects, the projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the projects supported by the National Defense Pre-Research Foundation of China, the project supported by the Foundation of Heilongjiang Province, national key scientific and technological projects, and the international cooperative projects, have been accomplished by this center recently. The staff of this center has been awarded 1 National Prize for Science and Technology Progress Award, 3 Prizes for Science and Heilongjiang Province Technology Progress Award, 2 invention patents, and they have published 10 monographs. More than 100 papers written by them have been published in the national and international journals or proceedings. 6 research projects are undertaken by this center now. The fund of these projects is about 10 million Yuan.